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As a Doctor and then as a Surgeon, I have a significant advantage. I can give attention to my patients throughout their life cycle.


I have learned from my patients that sexual satisfaction, gynecological health and the quest for aesthetic beauty raises questions and concerns that are voiced every day in my medical practice.


I have also learned that women often find it difficult to investigate or ask sexually-oriented questions, even though they have every right to do so. This could be explaining in part, due they have the risk to be stigmatized as an “easy one”, or not getting compromise with her social image of wife or mother. I am convinced that this is something to be banished, due the “ideal women”, is the one who can combine her wife and mother function, with her erotizacion power.

My Mission Statement as a Doctor is to satisfy the needs of my patients through my training and expertise in Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine, a subspecialty that continues to evolve offering specialized treatments that improve their body aesthetics, sexual satisfaction and overall quality of life.


Remember that for our selected international patients, we provide the possibility of some concierge services as: air tickets, airport-hotel-clinic transfers, lodging, bilingual assistant, 24 hours doctor house calls, transportation, mobile phone, as well as the possibility of having a little holiday during your stay in Barcelona or Buenos Aires.

You can be contacted from the outside through. First, please, send e-mail to program the conference.  

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